Bottle cap coasters

Bottle cap coasters

Finally! A coaster that does it all. Opens your bottles, Saves your tabletop, Has a lip to catch condensation, Sealed with teak oil, finished with Food Grade Beeswax!, and looks amazing!  Oh, and it has a Natural cork bottom that fits snuggly into the top pocket for easy stacking!  Yeah, we thought of that too.  When designing this coaster, I didn't want to make something you have seen a thousand times, I wanted to make something that was actually useful. That is why the Bottlecap design not only looks amazing, but it is also a functional hand grip when opening a bottle. 

You will want to check out the different text options available, especially if want a unique wedding gift or you have a business that you want to stand out.  Don't forget to submit your custom text with these options. I'll send you digital proof of how the text will be laid out once you submit your order.

The outside diameter is 4 inches

the Oak and Poplar options are 5/8 inch thick
The layered Pine option is 1/2 inch thick

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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