Kudu Running

The lesser Kudu is native to the east african forests. A medeum sized antilope, They get to around 153 lbs (70kg).  With Amazing Spiral Antlers and a lighly striped body, they are trully unique. 


This action shot is perfect in the way it is able to tell a story of natural instincts within the animal kingdom. 


  • At 600 dpi (dots per inch), I have laser engraved this photo onto a thick even-toned Maple Canvas, then placed it on top of a 1/4 inch piece of birch to give it a ridged flat look and feel.
  • The entire photo is protected by a thick layer of **high-quality poly-wax. this gives the photo a richer look and also protects it from dirt, scratches, and liquids (even though I use the best protective coating on the market, the artwork is capable of being damaged under extreme stress).
  • Surrounded by a 1.5 x .75 inch Oak Frame with metal reinforced corners.
  • A clear protective coating is included in the base cost. This can be upgraded to a more durable poly-wax, the poly wax will amber the image slightly.


** Guaranteed not to fade over time as long as you do not place it outside in direct contact with extreme weather.

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