Pygmy Hippo Eating Africa

Pygmy Hippo Eating Africa

The Pygmy Hippo, a Reclusice and nocturnal animal is the smaller member of the hippo Family. Estimated that there are only 3,000 left in the wild, they are secluded to a small area in west affrica. 


The Range  Map consists of an outline of the african continent with the Range of the Pygmy Hippo shaded in on the Western Side of Africa.


Engraved at over 500 DPI (HD is considered 300 DPI) this wood engraving is the absolut best you can find, with perfect shading and details. The Maple Veneer is a consistan even tone, assuring that you will get the exact design with only a diferance ingrin pattern in the wood. 


A top coat of clear Laquer is applied to give the final design protection for a lifetime of beauty in a variety of indoor conditions.


The Frame if you coose to have it, will come with a heavy duty sawtooth hanger attached.


Options include:


  • Frame Stain Color
  • Frame with or without Corners
  • Size
    PriceFrom $34.00
    Frame Options

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