Railing Bar Table

Railing Bar Table

Have a deck railing that is in need of a bar table but you don't want to give up any floor space?  That is pesicely why I designed this bar table. Made from Solid Oak and finished with Food grade mineral oil and beeswax this bar is ready for the outdoors. Worried that it wouldn't fit your railing? Well, I thought of that because this design can accommodate almost any railing out there. The underside of the bar top contains 2 tracks that you use to slide the 2 wooden clamps onto. This gives you the ability to clamp to rails up to 4 inches in diameter and mount your tabletop anyplace along the 2 tracks. 


Next, you have the tightening screws.  You simply slide them onto the tracks on the back clamp(see drawings) and you are able to move them left and right to accommodate your railing position. Finally, lightly righten the hand cranks until your bar top is secured. That's it, you now have the perfect bartop for your deck.

Oh, and as a bonus, you even have a bottlecap opener attached to the front as well!

If you would like an engraving please message me after purchasing the engraved option. Please send a black and white (no gray tones) silhouette image you would like engraved with any text. I will send you a digital proof for you to approve. I can remake a proof 2 times before I would have to charge extra for additional proofs.

*Keep in mind this is not made for standing or sitting on, though it is very robust, it can not support the weight of a person.

**Keep in mind you will have to clean and lightly rub with butcher block conditioner to preserve your bar table for years to come.

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