Set of Poplar Wheels

Set of Poplar Wheels

Other Wood options available in different listings, Poplar is the middle quality and price available.

These model wheels are cut out using precision German engendered machinery and manufactured in the USA. Made from solid pine that has been lightly sanded. The center hole has a raised area around it to give the wheel added depth when putting together your model. The edges have only been lightly sanded and are not rounded over. if you would like them to have an additional round over please let me know.

They are a perfect fit for any authentic model, toy, or artwork because you know you are getting the exact same item every time.

Poplar is a hardwood that is cost-effective and sands smooth better than a softwood like Pine (though Pine is the cheapest option), another Hardwood option would be Oak (best quality, smoothest finish, most expensive option). Pine (cheapest) and Oak (best quality) are available in other listings.

The center hole surround is raised 0.07 of an inch.
The wheel thickness is 0.43 inches

The center hole can be at any of the diameters I have listed, and you can request any size in between at no added cost.

* If you have a special request please message me and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

    PriceFrom $7.50
    Wheel Size - OD
    Center hole Size
    Set of

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