Side by side Chimpanzee w/Logo

Relaxing ontop of a grassy hill, one of your chimpanzee's happily poses for an amazing portrate turned into a wood engraving.  The side by side design gives a perfect balance between brand placement and artisic engraving. 


Bulk Orders:

With  Discounts of 10%, 22%, and 33% or more, I can bring the cost down greatly on bulk orders.



  • Maple wood Veneer (Sorced from a local Miami Vendor)
  • (Magnet Option) 30 mil felexable magnet (Sorced from an American felexibla magnet manufactuer)
  • (Sticker Option) Vinal Peal away exterior sticker backing.
  • Adhesive 3M 77 Industrial grade adhesive for flexable aplications.


4.2 in x 2 in



450 DPI (high resolution images are saved at 300 dpi typicaly)


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