Double Laser Engraved Wedding Photo

Wedding Photo (Picture on Picture)


This Picture on picture design is perfectly designed, with just the right amount of design elements to be beautiful, but not to much as to distact from the photos.



The laser engraving is done by profesionals that have more experiance than you will find anywhere else, they can take every detail right down to flowing hair and turn it into a Laser engraved masterpeace.



  • The larger frame is made from 1.5" solid oak while the smaller frame is 0.75" solid oak. 
  • The entier frame is then sealed with a highly durable Poly-wax, that is smooth, resistant to scratches, and markings.
  • The laser engraving has a highly durable laquer finish, that does not change the color of the image of time, and also creates a durable finish that is resistant to scratches, marking, and liqueds.
  • The Corners are reinforced by designer metal corners that create both a nice finished look and durability.
  • The back of the picture has a heavy duty sawtooth hanger that is placed where the center of balance would be (this is not in the center of the large frame, but off to the side)


Personalize the Frame:

when you submitt your order, if you want personalized text on the frame, let me know in the Peronalized fields, and I will do it at no exrea charge. Fount and text size as seein in example photo.

    Large Photo Size
    Small Photo Size

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