Wheels with hard Tread

Wheels with hard Tread

These wheels are perfectly laser cut and designed to give you the best product possible. The interlocking wheel tread is unique to only this design and is virtually invisible unless you know what you are looking for. They are able to bear a decent amount of weight but I have not load tested them. I do know I have placed up to 45 lbs on them with no problem. 


If you are looking for something to give your design or model that extra pop, these are it! I guarantee you will be happy with the quality. 


If you like you can get them in a DIY Kit and you can put them together yourself at a reduced cost, but if you are unable to get the pieces together perfectly and something breaks in the construction process, I can not be responsible, I only offer the kit as a way to possibly save you a little money if you have confidence in your DIY skills.


Tread width -  1 inch
Overall diameter w/ Tread - Equal to the Wheel size that you select
Center hole -  equal to the size you select

Material -  High-Density Fiber Board, this stuff is very durable.


** Click HERE for a video on how to construct the DIY Kit yourself **

    PriceFrom $7.99
    Wheel Size - OD
    Center hole Size
    Set of
    DIY Kit or Assembled

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