Zoo Miami Logo w/Zebra Surround

Zoo Miami Logo w/Zebra Surround

Have your Zoo Miami Logo engraved inside a zebra pattern, but not just any zebra this pattern was taken directly from a photo of one of your very own zebras. Making this design 100% custom to Zoo Miami.


Bulk Orders:

With  Discounts of 10%, 22%, and 33% or more, I can bring the cost down greatly on bulk orders.



Maple wood Veneer (Sorced from a local Miami Vendor)
30 mil felexable magnet (Sorced from an American felexibla magnet manufactuer)
Adhesive 3M 77 Industrial grade adhesive for flexable aplications.


3 in x 2 in



350 DPI (high resolution images are saved at 300 dpi typicaly)

Returns on custom Items are only allowed if Products arrive damaged or are defective under normal conditions*

Normal conditions for any natural materials products is considered to be climit controled environments. As wood fibers will expand an contract when going from hot humid conditions to cool dry conditions, These preimium items need to be stored in the type of environment that they will be sold in.


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