*Not all photographs are ideal for laser engraving. Consult a Wildly Handy expert to see if your image qualifies.

Laser Engraved Photographs

Using an industrial high precision laser, Wildly Handy's lasers are precise down to 0.004 in (0.1 mm). This precision is equal to the thickness of a thin piece of printer paper (have you ever gotten a paper cut?)

  This capability along with our unique even-toned wooden canvas accomplishes an extremely high-resolution image*, you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Wildlife Photography Engraving

Photographing Wildlife For years, we know how important the medium is that you display your photographs on. What details you want to have pop and what you want to fade into the background. 

That is why we believe our technique to transform a perfectly captured moment into a truly timeless engraving can only be executed by Wildly Handy. Passion does not even begin to describe how we feel about giving you an amazing end result.

So Check out our Designs OR Contact us to transform on of your photographs into a Wood Canvas masterpiece.

**Wildlife Photographers -  Sign Up for a Wholesale Membership (it's FREE) and get up to 50% off on bulk orders! 

Save the Date

With Wildly Handy

Why not have your Save The Date magnets designed and made by Wildly Handy, with the same high quality and passion that we put into our wildlife engravings.

Take a look at some of our premade Save the Date Magnet Designs. There isn't anything we can't come up with. So let us perfectly highlight your upcoming wedding plans. 

Don't see anything you like?

That's ok! Simply consult a Wildly Handy Design Expert using the chatbox.

  • We will get your information. 

  • You can submit graphics to us.

  • We will get you a custom quote.

  • Done And Done!

Wildlife Photography


We know there is a limited supply of legitimate apparel dedicated to Wildlife Photography, the moments that capture our emotions, and simply showcase your passion for the wild. That is why we transform our photos into perfect screen print designs that highlight all of these qualities.

Wildly Soft and Durable!

  • Premium T-shirts: You will not find a more durable (triple-stitched where it matters) and comfortable shirt anywhere, Guaranteed, See shirt descriptions for more details!

  • Soft Economy T-shirts: Starting at just $13.00 (with free shipping on larger orders), These shirts are also made from high-quality materials. They just do not have the high thread count and triple stitching that the Premium shirts provide.