Why Get your Project Completed by Wildly Handy?

Custom 3D Project Renders


Detailed Designs turned into perfect products

*Not all photographs are ideal for laser engraving. Consult a Wildly Handy expert to see if your image qualifies.

Laser Engraved Photographs

Using an industrial high precision laser, Wildly Handy's lasers are precise down to 0.004 in (0.1 mm). This precision is equal to the thickness of a thin piece of printer paper (have you ever gotten a paper cut?)

  This capability along with our unique even-toned wooden canvas accomplishes an extremely high-resolution image*, you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Wildlife Photography Engraving

Photographing Wildlife For years, we know how important the medium is that you display your photographs on. What details you want to have pop and what you want to fade into the background. 

That is why we believe our technique to transform a perfectly captured moment into a truly timeless engraving can only be executed by Wildly Handy. Passion does not even begin to describe how we feel about giving you an amazing end result.

So Check out our Designs OR Contact us to transform on of your photographs into a Wood Canvas masterpiece.

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